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Federal Appropriations Recommendations

Federal Appropriations Recommendations

Board of Directors


The attached table provides CMANC's recommendations for federal appropriations based on the real needs of each California port or harbor listed. The tables include recommendations for:

  •   Potential New Shoreline Protection Studies
  •   Shoreline Protection Studies in Progress
  •   Potential New Navigation Studies
  •   Navigation Studies in Progress
  •   New Preconstruction Engineering and Design
  •   Continuing Preconstruction Engineering and Design
  •   New Construction Continuing Construction
  •   Operations and Maintenance

Each recommendation reflects the developmental or maintenance funding needs of California ports and harbors required to provide the services that the market place is demanding in an environmentally sound manner.

CMANC's FY 2024 Recommendations

FY2024 Senate Appropriations Committee Report

FY2024 House Appropriations Committee Report

FY2024 Corps Budget Guidance

FY2023 Corps Budget Guidance

FY2022 Corps Budget Guidance

FY2021 Corps Budget Guidance

FY2019 Corps Budget Guidance

FY2018 Corps Budget Guidance (Annex III is Operations & Maintenance)

FY2017 Corps Budget Guidance (Annex III is Operations & Maintenance)

FY2016 Omnibus Bill for Corps

FY2016 Omnibus Report for Corps

FY2016 Senate Appropriations Committee Report

FY2016 House Appropriations Committee Report

FY2016 Corps Budget Guidance

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